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Chezaa Africa is scouting for talented African artists to join their newly founded program #NowYouKnowMe

The leading music outreach platform for African artists Chezaa Africa, founded by Kennedy Oloo has launched an initiative to support 20 African artists globally from time to time. The program is ongoing and artists can reach out to submit their demo songs from the official Chezaa Africa website to be selected, the platform is a way of providing lucrative opportunities for an artist besides just music creation.

Artists who will get selected to participate in #NowYouKnowMe will be entitled to studio time to work on different projects, arranged collaborations with other artists, access to music marketing and distribution tools for their music, which will in return help them grow and expand their talents and popularity all over the continent.

Our primary goal is to secure the growth of our partners with very reasonable costs. We make sure that our partners reach a highly profitable income without compromise on their own creativity and quality as an artist. Hence, we find our ways for our clients to maintain their popularity and continuously hone their skills through different platforms on our rostrum. – Kennedy Oloo

Kennedy Oloo mentioned “Our main focus to help aspiring artists get established and equip them with the right information on music business, my dream is to see African artistes come together, network and attain global recognition”.    

Chezaa Africa offers music distribution and publishing administration to help artists make income from their contents.

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