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Amplifying African music worldwide

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Powering Digital Music Distribution in Africa



Global music distribution to all of the streaming platforms. Distribute your music on +200 stores (Afrocharts, Spotify, Boomplay, iTunes, Pandora, Audiomack, Deezer etc) and get discovered by a global audience.


Gain more visibility and exposure for your music by leveraging our comprehensive marketing and promotional services. Create a customized plans to effectively promote your music globally.


Access valuable insights about your music performance daily. Analyze a wide variety of metrics, such as music plays, downloads, listener engagement, and geographical reach, among others.


Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to access and analyze your earnings. Track your streaming data across all major DSPs, get detailed reports, manage royalty splits, receive payouts directly to your account.


Enabling artists to thrive

Chezaa Africa, with a strong presence in Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, and other regions across Africa, is dedicated to fostering the independent spirit. We prioritize artists and customize our services accordingly.

Hub For African Artists

Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana, + 50 more


  • Kwesi Mafia
  • Speedo'o
  • Neliah
  • Fathermoh
  • Johnny Benzx
  • Nina Roz
  • Joefes
  • adasa ke
  • nasha
  • lomodo
  • Shinobi Slime
  • Rose Ndauka

Taking it to the next industry level

Get paid from the use of your music

Chezaa Africa offers a convenient hassle-free licensing service that assists artists in licensing their music for use in various media such as films, TV shows, commercials, and other forms of media.

Beatsafi - For Producers

Beatsafi and Chezaa Africa partners to develop an innovative music deal that enables African music producers to earn revenue from their creative work, offering them a platform to sell their beats and reach a wider audience.

Don't Miss Out On Any Royalties

We have established partnerships with royalty registration and collection organizations to expand your coverage in Africa and globally, thereby unlocking a fresh source of publishing royalties.

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